Engineering students these days face a lot of problems while choosing their career paths. They can pursue a degree in whichever field they’re interested in whether it is mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering, or any other. Like for instance if you have an interest in computer programming you…

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What is HRM?

To simplify we can say that HRM is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner or let’s say HRM helps bridges the gap between employees’ performance and the organization’s strategic objectives.

This covers staffing, retention, pay and clerks setting and management, etc. But whatever…

How E-Learning has completely transformed the way in which learning is imparted to students.


In today’s world of rapidly growing technology, the concept of e-learning has exploded in popularity. But this has now become increasingly important with the high-speed broadband internet widely available.

E-learning is like an umbrella that is…

Pranav Bajaj

Founder at Coursenator || Enthusiastic person with highly motivated and leadership skills, eager to learn new skills and technologies

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